Rosary Beads and Gloves

The past twenty four hours has been good. Busy but good. The MountainXpress’s article on the bike trip came out on their online edition yesterday (it’ll be in the print edition next Wednesday the 10th). Huffington Post picked it up. I had never heard of Huffington Post, but people in the know tell me that seeing the article in there is hitting the bigtime.

Patsy Keever, candidate for NC House from District 115 also ran a link to it on her facebook. Thanks Patsy!

I also got a great email from Sean wanting to know what size bike gloves I need. He saw them listed on the “Wish List” page of this blog and is sending gloves and a donation. Thanks Sean!

And David told me that AHN got a donation for $250.00. As soon as David tells me who it’s from…I’ll give you a shout out also!

But what I want to tell you about is another story.

I was setting in Greenlife drinking a cup of coffee and getting some internet stuff done. A woman and her little girl walked by the table I was at with their plate of food and sat down a few tables over from me. I noticed that they kept glancing at me and then whispering. Mmmm….wonder what’s up?

They finished before I was and as they were leaving, they stopped by my table. The lady introduced herself and her daughter. Apparently they had seen my photo and the article about the bike trip somewhere and they wanted to know if I was “that” Jerry Nelson. I smiled my goofy smile and nodded.

The lady told me that the little girl had recognized me almost immediately and had something she wanted to give me for the bike trip.

Bashfully and slowly, the little girl pulled out of her jacket pocket a rosary and handed it to me. Her mom told me that her daughter had made it and had been waiting for “someone ‘special’. The little girl chose me.

I thanked the little girl profusely and chatted briefly with them until it was time for them to leave. Then I sat back down at the computer, sipped my coffee and pondered about what had just happened.

Between now and the end of the road, I figure I’ll meet lots of folks. Many of them will want to help out in someway. But it’ll take some doing to touch this ol’ boys heart like the little girl in Greenlife with the Rosary.

2 thoughts on “Rosary Beads and Gloves

  1. Great story!! There is still hope for this world after all. A true “From the Heart” observation from innocent youth is the greatest form of flattery and I doubt that amongst the other “Acts of Kindness” you’ll encounter that you’ll beat that one!! Good Luck, Mike

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