My Sunday in Asheville

I left the apartment yesterday and walked down to Greenlife. Greenlife is a natural, organic type of grocery store here in town. Going through a pack of smokes a day and basically living off Pringles and Coke, I’m not a natural, organic type of guy. But the coffee is great. Plus they have a little dining area where you can set and surf the web.

After checking and answering some emails that came in, stopping by to see the latest news in the world and then heading to to see what the weather was gonna do, I picked up the computer and my ever-present camera and headed out the door.

Strolled into the Shell station to say “hi” to Dixie and pick up a pack of smokes and then a casual walk up Lexington Avenue. Stopping every so often to read the flyers and posters that are pasted up on every telephone pole and in every store window to see what bands are playing where and what performances are happening. Always looking for another opportunity to shoot something. Didn’t pick up any leads along the way, but I did notice several of my shots used in posters and that is always a nice feeling.

Took a right on College Avenue and Larry stuck his head out of his store front to speak a minute. Always good to see Larry. Stood on the corner of College and Haywood for a minute, contemplating how ugly a building Urban Outfitters has when Mike went by on his bike. Mike stopped to chat a few seconds and get an update about the trip.

Walked across Haywood to Pritchard Park. As usual, there was a group there giving out breakfast. I was given two ham biscuits, two hard boiled eggs, a banana and a cup of coffee. Sat down on one of the benches to eat breakfast when Aaron and Tom saw me and walked over. After a few minutes of listening to them razz me, I smiled inwardly, knowing I was among friends.

Getting in a few parting shots of my own, I waved bye to them and headed down Asheland Ave. Waiting for the light at the intersection, Andy and his wife Suzanne rolled their window down and we chatted quickly, promising to catch up with each other after church at Ello Cafe.

Dropped the computer and camera off at The Body and grabbed the bike so I could get in a few miles. A few miles turned into about 20 and I got back to The Body just as Jim and the praise team was cranking up the volume on the praise music.

Put the bike away, grabbed a cup of coffee and went back out front to hang out a few minutes. Joey, his wife Maggie, Devine, Brendan, Dru and a couple other folks who I don’t know made some small talk about the weather and I made sure to let them know about the open house that Firestorm Cafe was hosting on the 15th.

About the time the music was finished, I strolled on inside for Carter’s message. Grabbed a cup of coffee from the coffee pot and found a comfortable spot on the sofa. Good message about how it’s impossible to disappoint God. Basically, if God is all-knowing….how can he be disappointed. Kinda like Carter said…if we have to screw up 34 times before we get it right, God already knows that. So if he knows I’ve gotta screw up 34 times, then He’s not gonna be disappointed in me the 2nd time I screw up…or the 10th…or even the 29th.

When it was all over, I got the bike out and jumped on it for a few more miles.

Rode up by Grove Arcade to see what street vendors were out. I know most of them, but I met a new guy named Will that does pottery and ceramics. Got to talking with him about his photographic needs and we made tentative plans to hookup when I get back from the bike trip.

Back down Battery Park to The Woolworth Walk where I met a juggler named Jim. He’s able to juggle 7 balls at once. Got some great shots of him along with his email address so I could send him the link to the shots. While I was talking to him, Chris (whom I call the Mad Monk from Montford) saw me and crossed the street to chat a few minutes. He and I kidded each other a little as we watched Jim the Juggler juggle. Chris turned serious for a second and asked me to be thinking about him today…he’s got a court case coming up.

We prayed together, shook hands and then he went his way and I head back down to The Body to meet up with David. David is working on the slide show to be shown at Firestorm Cafe Monday night. He’s got more patience and talent than I do.

It was getting late when we finished, so I put the bike up, grabbed my computer and camera and walked with David back as far as Lexington Street Bridge. We talked about the upcoming bike trip and what we needed to do to try to solve the homeless problem here in town…didn’t come up with any great answers though.

Got back to the apartment and crashed. The last thoughts that went through my mind before I fell asleep were about Asheville and what a great town it is and how many nice folks live here.

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