Continental Divide and Spokes

Got a good night’s rest at John’s house.  Got to visit with his wife Nichole, his mom, Carolyn, and her boyfriend Ron.  Great folks.  Had a bad wobble in the rear wheel all the way from Liberty Bikes to Hendersonville, so this morning Ron offered to give me and the bike a ride to the bike shop there in town.

Those guys fixed it right up…the spokes had not been tensioned at all at the factory.  Ron did me a great favor also — he paid for the repair.  THANKS RON!  Funds can be kinda tight on a trip like this, so every dollar that goes into bike repairs is one dollar less for food.  So his generosity is greatly appreciated.

Left the bike shop and headed on up the mountain and found a little country store just below the Continental Divide.  Met David the owner and chatted with him some over a Sierra Mist that he graciously gave me and then it was time to head out.

Coming down the Continental Divide into South Carolina, I got a great shot of the bike in front of the Welcome to SC sign.  In the background is a yellow-and-black warning to truckers about a steep grade.  Did I tell you that the bike computer hit 54mph on my way down the mountain?

Passed a benefit at a VFW so rolled over to get some shots and talk with the folks.  Was able to get a BBQ plate for only $5.  It filled me up and the money went for a good cause.  One of their members had been in a bad motorcycle accident and the money is to help pay medical expenses.

Rolled on into Greenville and hooked up with Todd — my host for the evening.  While I was waiting on him to get off work, I wandered around downtown Greenville and did the touristy thing.  Then we were off to a folk-art gallery showing that included a small drum circle.  Had flashbacks.  Thought I was back in Asheville at Pritchard Park on Friday night!

Been a good day.  Tomorrow I set out towards Gainesville and the friends at VVA 772…but it’ll be Monday before I get there.  It’s 112 miles and I am not ready to do a century yet.

Right now I just wanna set here on the back deck, enjoy a smoke and a cup of coffee before crashing.

NOTE: Click Here to hear the song written about the trip. Please feel free to share it with everyone you can. LET’S RAISE THE BUZZ!

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