Civil War Ghost Story

I promised you a ghost story and here it is. It’s not scary. At least it didn’t scare me. But I found it an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Last night (Sunday, March 21) after the evening service at Beaverdam Baptist, I rode the bike over to a truckstop to see if they had wifi. They didn’t. The waitress didn’t even know what wifi was. The lightning was starting to flash so I made an executive decision to scurry on back to the pavillion and get out of the rain.

Almost as soon as I rolled back up under the shelter, the storm broke loose. I tossed the sleeping bag on the floor, grabbed a book that Carter gave me and before I could read two pages I was out.

Sometime later the storm died down and I was snuggled down in the sleeping bag. I heard footsteps coming from the direction of the cemetery and at first thought it was a dog — a large dog. Then listening more, I could tell that it was a human. At least something walking on two legs. I loosened the top of the bag and stuck my head out and saw a man standing about five feet from me holding a rifle over his shoulder.

I couldn’t see him real well. More like I could only see the outline of him as he was backlit by a couple of street lamps in the parking lot. With a really thick, really country drawl, he said, “Just wanted to make sure you were Ok”. I told him I was fine and I appreciated him checking on me. I figured he was a member of the church and just wanted to make sure this ol’ boy wasn’t doing something I shouldn’t be doing.

I was about to crawl out of the sleeping bag and have a smoke while I chatted with him when it happened.

Suddenly the brightest, longest flash of lightening I’ve ever seen flashed across the sky and lit up the inside of the pavilion like it was daylight.

There in front of me. Standing about five feet away was a man dressed in the butternut uniform of a Civil War soldier carrying an Enfield Rifle. He turned slowly and started to walk back towards the cemetery.

NOTE: This morning before I left Beaverdam Baptist Church, I got a picture of a Confederate Soldiers Grave. I don’t know if it’s the one that the apparition came from, but it’s located in the general direction he was going when he walked away from the pavilion. As soon as David sends me my card reader, I’ll upload the photo for you to see.

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