Being a Circle in a Boxed in World

Laying in the sleeping bag this morning listening to the birds, I got to thinking about something I read last week. Yah, I know, thinking is a bad thing for me…usually.

I think I figured out why so many people are so stressed. They’re living in boxes when they’re meant to live in circles. Confused? Read on.

Rolling over the surface of the earth — really just a very big circle, on two smaller circles (called bicycle wheels), I get to see the sun circle from the east to the west. OK, I know it’s really the earth moving and not the sun, but bear with me.

I get to see the circle of the seasons — spring, summer, fall, winter and now spring again.

I get to see the whole circle of life and lives as they pass before me on the road. I get to sleep in the woods where the leaves have fallen and are circling slowly back to dirt and minerals — only to become food and nourishment for another tree.

That tree in turn becomes a home for squirrels, birds and other animals who take their own turn at living and dying and becoming the life-essence of another living being.

I get to bathe in mountain lakes and then feel the heat of the sun as it draws the water from the lake to the sky only to drop it as rain somewhere else — completing the circle. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Most people today live in boxes — not circles.

People get out of their box — a bed. Go to another box (room) in the larger box (house) and pour their cereal from — you guessed it, a box.

They then get in a box on wheels and drive to an even larger box where they work all day in another box. At the end of the day, they get back in their box on wheels, maybe stop by the box that sells groceries or even the box at the corner that sells gas and cigarettes.

Then they go back to the box they started out from, get their entertainment and news from another box (either TV or computer) and then call it a day by crawling back into the box called a bed.

If they get out at all on the weekend, it’s usually to get the mower out of the box called a shed while they cut the grass in their private box called a yard. On Sunday — if they’re church goers — they go to a larger box with other people who are also seeking refuge from the boxes they’re in all week.

Even “intentional communities” suffer from being boxed in. And maybe they’re the saddest folks of all, because they delude themselves into thinking that they’re circles — but they’re not. They sleep in boxes called beds…live in boxes called housing, eat their meals in a box with others in the community. They’re boxed in by their ideas of what’s right and wrong — what’s healthy and unhealthy. They eat when the bell rings…they pray when the bell rings…they have meeting after meeting after meeting in little boxes. They fence their fields into boxes…put the farm animals into boxes…drive their four wheeled boxes to the hardware store (another box) and back…and well, the list goes on.

Our world is a circle…not a box. Stop for a second today and pay attention to how you have let yourself get boxed in by the world…by society…by everything.

Me? I’m going to sip this cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette and thank the creator that I’m a circle living in a circle world. Hey, just noticed something — the lip of the cup and the shape of the cigarette are both circles.

3 thoughts on “Being a Circle in a Boxed in World

  1. I am becoming more convinced each day that God is outside and not inside our boxes. If we really want to find God in our lives we have to get out of our boxes. I also think that churches that accept money on God’s behalf and build buildings to honor themselves are stealing money that should go to the poor. You are on to something brother.

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