Fair Play to Toccoa

Great ride today from Fair Play SC to Toccoa. Gentle hills, nice breeze, great sun!

But when I rolled into Toccoa, I heard they were calling for — SNOW. Only about 40 miles from Gainesville and nothing but one big mountain between me and Lake Lanier — and they were calling for SNOW!

I have a buddy — Scott — that pastors in Toccoa, so I figured I’d try to track him down.

I rolled into Perk Up and got to talking with the lady — Robin — that was working the counter. She knows Scott and actually uses the children’s sanctuary for a service she leads for homeless and addicted women. After letting me surf the internet and spending my last couple dollars on coffee and a snack, she slipped me $5 and told me that she wanted to give this to me so I could get a sandwich.

Her recommendation sounded so good, so I slid her back the $5 and told her I’d have one of those!

After a great meal, I tracked down Scott. It was great to see him again and he let me put the tent up in the backyard of the church. Scott, being Scott, waited till I had the tent set up and the gear out and then told me he’d leave the church open so I could take a shower if I wanted, use the internet if I wanted and also sleep inside. Gotta love him — even though he has lousy timing.

Scott mentioned that he was going to Dawsonville the next morning and offered to give me and the bike a lift to Gainesville. I learned on the last trip that my instructions from the Creator while traveling is never to ask for a ride, but never turn one down if it’s offered. I’ll explain why in another post if you remind me.

Anyways, Scott treated me to a cup of coffee and off we went. Great to see him again and catch up on old times. Last time I saw Scott he was still pastoring in a small store front church, but had broken ground on the vision God had given him. Now they worship in a sanctuary that seats 500 and they have about 450 every Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Fair Play to Toccoa

  1. Good to see you’ve managed to make it the next leg of your trip. How was the monastery in Conyers?

  2. Good visit @ The Monastery. Got to see an old friend, Father James, today. We chatted and swapped some stories and info about photography.

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