Career Day for an Eight Year Old

Career Day?

What in the hell are people thinking?  Why would ANYONE have a career day at an elementary school?

Saw this sign outside a school in Brown’s Mill.  Why do they do that?

Why can’t folks just let kids be kids instead of having them start to stress in the 3rd grade over what they’re gonna do when they grow up?

I think I know what happens to elementary kids who are put into situations like this.  They grow up to be college twits who feel they have to be in control of everything and they end up being in control of nothing.  You know the type.  They’re trying to live a life that someone else has set out for them and they’re miserable because they’re not following their own passion.

I met a lady like this once.  She was so intent on being seen as the “perfect Christian” that she just stressed out over everything and almost everyone that got in her way.  She almost constantly complained about how she was the only one doing the work the right way and no one else cared.  She can’t control herself or even her own family — so she’s gotta be a pain in the ass for everyone else.

Let’s give kids a break and let them be kids.  Give them the chance to follow their passion and let them find out what path the Creator of their understanding wants them to take.

You know?  That’s not a bad idea for us adults either.

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