Byron to Americus


Not a bad trip today.  Gentle rolling hills, not too hot…not too cold either.  The only bad news is that my iPod wasn’t charged so I had to spend the six hours in the saddle with just my thoughts roaming.

Got into Americus and tried to catch up with the  folks from Cafe Campesino — they close @ 1 on Saturdays.  Figured I’d stealth camp there overnight,but nowhere to put the tent up.  Rolled over to the Police Department and they suggested a spot about six miles out of town — going the wrong direction.

I tracked down a phonebook and called up a couple friends from the Koinonia days and there were gracious and let me put the tent up in their yard.  Even though I had told them on the phone they didn’t need to feed me or water me, they insisted I at least join them for hot dogs cooked over an open fire — being the sweet and hungry guy that I am — I eagerly wolfed down several.

Don and I then sat up late around the fire chatting and getting caught up on the news in each others lives.  Don, his wife Susie and their two children are great folks and it was good to see them again and to fellowship.  I’m savoring all this time I’m having renewing old friendships as it won’t be too much longer before I’m in new territory — making new friends.

NOTE:  Why didn’t I stay @ Koinonia?  Too far out of the way and just about everyone that I would want to see is either traveling at the moment or has moved on.  More about that later.

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