Conyers to Byron

Rick, Vickie and their son Wyatt

Got up to the sound of geese.  First thought?  I wonder what they would taste like for Thanksgiving.  Second thought?  I’d better not get caught.  I guess there’s a special place in hell reserved for anyone that kills the geese from a monastery.  So I settled on cereal and coffee in the Retreat House.

Found out they had wifi, so I was able to get some internet stuff done.  While I was at work, Father James came in and we had a great chat.  Getting caught up with him about the news and events in his life over the past two years.  For a monk, he is highly traveled.  He’s also published two books of his photography; both of which are for sale at the Abbey Store.

He did my heart good by “oohing and aahing” over my shots.  Guess it’s kinda like when you had to set through Granpa’s slide show from his vacation.  But Father James was cool and made me feel like I had finally figured out which end of the camera to look through.

Since they were expecting a big crowd, he had to cut our visit short.  So it wasn’t quantity, but rather quality.

Rick tracked me down and offered to give me a ride to Macon, my next stop.  So we loaded up the bike and the gear in his SUV and off we went.  On the way I tried to call the guy who was to be my host in Macon.  All I got was a recoding that his phone had been disconnected.  Rick bravely and foolishly offered to let me put the tent up in his yard — and I jumped at the chance to get a few more miles under my belt.

Rick and his wife Vickie were super hosts for the evening.  A great dinner and conversation and then it was lights out for this ol’ boy.

The next morning, Rick fixed the largest omelet I’ve ever seen (he used six eggs), but I wolfed it all down and would’ve asked for seconds, but I tried to remember my manners.  After breakfast I loaded up the gear and Rick blessed me with two zip-lock bags full of energy bars, a camelback bladder AND CO2 for the tires!

I had a great relaxing time with the three of them.  Wyatt, their son, is all of six and quite the talker.  He weighed in at


about a pound when he was born, but he’s doing nicely now and waiting till he becomes an “expert” on his own little bike so he can join Dad one day in a cross-country trip.

After a few handshakes and hugs, it was all too soon to head out.

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