Albany to Edison

Had a good visit with Jo and Bill before heading down the road.  Some more headwind, but not as bad as Americus to Albany.  But the combination of what headwind there was and the “knee-burners” made me shut-er-down in Edison.  For a switch, I actually pulled over a cop — and it was the Police Chief.  Told him I was passing through town and needed a spot to put the tent up for the night.  He let me put the tent up right behind the police department building, so after setting up the tent and going to find some grub, I settled in for the night about 6.

Woke this morning to a pretty sunrise — clear skies, no wind. MMmm…good day for biking.  Great ride through some lonely areas of south Georgia.  Whoever said that we were running out of space to put people have never been here.  Reminds me of the other “loneliest” place to ride — Iowa.

But all’s well that ends well and I made it to Abbeville.

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