Edison to Albany

Guess I got a little ahead of myself, but I’ve already told you that the ride out of Edison was great.  That is, until I got closer to Fort Gaines.  KNEEBURNERS.  And then a restful stop at the Frontier Village.  Apparently Fort Gaines was first an anti-Indian outpost and then a fort during the civil war.  They’ve collected several old cabins from around the area creating — TADA — Frontier Village.

This picture to the left is a wood carving.  Pays homage to Otis Mico (yah — I know, weird name for an Indian).  Apparently he was the dude that led the Indians out of the area when the Great-White-I’m-Gonna-Take-Your-Land dude came around.

Smooth sailing into Abbeville.  Yes, more knee burners, so I’m not feeling too philosophical tonight.  I got into town and found the police department.  The chief called up the county Recreation guy — Danny, and asked Danny to show me a spot at the armory where I could set the tent up.

I’m at the library in Abbeville now, so I’m going to watch a high school baseball game and then call it a night.

Next stop?  Hopefully Troy, AL.  Folks around here tell me that the road is alot better than between Albany and here…we shall see!


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