Anarchists and Coffee

Just sitting here @ Firestorm Cafe enjoying a cup of coffee and watching it rain outside.  I’ve got my favorite table — a corner table in the back where I can rest, relax and reflect.  The coffee is good — the people are better.

Saturday night was a weird night.  Got some shots of the May Day stuff going on in Aston Park.  Then about 8 or so, some of the punk rockers started to leave the park and I followed them.

Glad I did.

Got some shots of them being stupid up and down O’Henry.  Bout a half dozen store front windows were busted and about a dozen cars had windows broken out of them — all by the morons who want to call themselves Anarchists.

The cops showed up and arrested about 11 of the inbreds.  Seems like most of those arrested weren’t even from here in Asheville — guess they don’t have the cajones to “wreak havoc” in their own hometown.

So I’m sitting here at Firestorm thinking about all that went down and all that I saw.  If you happen to see one of those mental midgets that call themself an “anarchist”, please be sure to tell them that I said they were mental midgets and a perfect example of what happens when cousins marry.

It’ll be easy to find me.

I’ll be in Firestorm,  at my favorite table — a corner table in the back where I can rest, relax and reflect.

One thought on “Anarchists and Coffee

  1. Ever notice how these “prime-movers” of the >fill-in-the-blank< movement are so intellectually wired into the ways of the world and the heart-beat of their cause in their handful of years on this planet that they've realized that a handful of childishly destructive acts committed under some meth-addled delusion of "freedom of expression" will change the face of Humanity?

    I feel the paradigm shifting as we speak. 😉

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