Are You Content? Or Just Happy?

I think I’ve finally figured out what it takes to be happy.  Well, maybe not exactly that, but I’m on the right track at least.

Being a “shooter” (i.e., photographer) I’m able to get into peoples faces and lives all day long.  I’ve learned a couple things.

First, happiness is elusive.  Happiness, for many people, depends on “people, places and things” outside of themselves aligning up and going ok.  I know a lady in southwest Georgia who is a control freak for example.  As long as people, places and things line up to do her bidding, she’s well — happy.  When they don’t — she’s miserable.

I know a lady here in Asheville who seems to be busy collecting “friendships” — male friendships.  She goes from relationship to relationship seeking something outside herself to make herself happy and “feel complete”.  But just like anyone else that tries to seek happiness through sucking off the energy of others, it’s never enough.  No one can be enough of anything in order to complete a person’s happiness.  So she’s off again, from relationship to relationship seeking fulfillment.  So sad.

Contentment on the other hand, is an “inside job”.  We can reach contentment when we’re ok with ourselves — when we’re comfortable within our own skin and things outside of us are chaotic.

When we’re content, we’re not running from healer to healer seeking a “fix”.  We’re not going from relationship to relationship looking for someone to make us better.  We’re not impulsively running off to California — or anywhere else — seeking a “geographical cure.  And we’re not trying to exercise God-like control over people, places and things.

Me?  I’m content.  A good cup of coffee, a smoke and my favorite table at Firestorm Cafe.  Life is good.

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