Would Jesus Use Facebook?

Would Jesus Use Facebook?

I like to read blogs and keep up with my friends through Facebook. Many, well actually most, people use blogs and Facebook to keep folks posted on their day-to-day activities and let others know what’s interesting to them at the moment.

New recipes, interviews with politicians in the Gulf, the latest and hottest music group in the area and so on. But I’ve got two friends who are totally one-dimensional.

One writes an occasional blog. She lives in southwest Georgia on a farm. I keep reading her blogs hoping to get caught up on the news there, but she’s one dimensional. For the last two years her blogs have consisted of what she’s learned from the Scriptures. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about writing about what you’ve learned from the latest reading in the Bible. But what gets my goat is she’s still writing today about the same things she’s “learned” over the past two years. You’d think that somewhere in that two years she would’ve progressed from 1st grade and starting learning stuff in the 2nd grade.

The other friend lives right here in Asheville. He uses his Facebook to post daily scriptures. He doesn’t post scriptures as a form of judgment. He just posts scriptures as his daily status. He never shares his thoughts or feelings on anything. He never posts anythiing that’s happening in the world that’s gotten his attention. Yep, he’s pretty one dimensional.

But these two friends got me to thinking. Would Jesus use Facebook? And if so, what would He write about? I don’t think Jesus was one-dimensional at all. I think He had many facets and He didn’t mind the dichotomy of being fully human and fully divine.

I kinda picture Him and the disciples out fishing and having all the fun – along with trials and tribulations – that all fisherman have. And he’s post about it. I picture Him as having to serve as a referee sometimes for the disciples when they got out of line and well, boys will be boys. And He’d post about it.

I picture Jesus as laughing out loud when He saw something funny, weeping when something moved Him and even shaking His head in amusement at some of the stupid things He would see people do. And yes, I see Him posting all of this thoughts, feelings and activities on His Facebook page.

Nope. Jesus wasn’t one-dimensional at all. Seems like a lot of “Christians” are though.

I like what Gandhi said. “I like your Christ. I don’t like your Christians”. I think Gandhi was saying that many “Christians” are too one-dimensional for him also.

One thought on “Would Jesus Use Facebook?

  1. enjoyed reading this one. i could stand to be a little more patient with folks posting their favorite bible quote of the day.

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