Looks Like I’m Getting Evicted

Been sitting here at Firestorm this morning at my favorite table trying to keep my eyes open. Didn’t get much sleep last night – spent most of it tossing and turning. I’ll try to be succinct in sharing what’s going on, but those of you who know me personally know I can’t be succinct about anything.

The bike trip I did in March for Asheville Homeless Network got me behind the 8 ball financially. I won’t bore you with the details right now, but I’ve been trying to play catch up on the bills ever since. My utilities have been the ones to suffer the most.

Got an email from my landlord yesterday that basically said if I don’t have all the utilities turned on by September 1st, well, out I go. I’m not sure he can do that, but then again, it’s his apartment I’m renting so I guess he can do anything he wants.

So what have I been thinking about mostly while I look for toothpicks to prop my eyes open? What a great ride it’s been for the past year. I’ve made tons of friends here in Asheville – it’s gotten to the point that I can’t walk downtown without getting stopped by at least a dozen people who have seen my work or know me and want to chat. People honk their horns at me on the street, roll down the window and holler “Hey Jerry”. Kinda makes this ol’ boys heart feel good.

We’re “this close” to having the Asheville City Council donate 20 bus passes a month for the homeless and we’ve made some good connections recently that should help the homeless get some badly needed supplies and help. Blind Boy Chocolate and The Milk Sheiks are doing a benefit concert on September 9th here at Firestorm. The money raised at the concert will be partly going to help the homeless who are moving into housing pay for their utilities – ironic as hell, ain’t it.

I’ve met a lady whose become very special to me in a very short amount of time. I won’t go into much detail here out of my desire to respect and protect her privacy. Kinda wonder what she’ll say when she reads this and sees what’s going on.

So why am I posting this here for folks to read? My life for the past five years has been pretty transparent thanks to this blog and the magic of the internet. You’ve gone through a lot with me through the years. The bike trip from D.C. To Alabama to Wisconsin to Georgia raising money and awareness for homeless veterans. The year at Koinonia and the victories and frustrations of living there. The engagement to Elizabeth and the break up of that relationship. Quadruple bypass surgery in Georgia. The move from Georgia to North Carolina. And don’t forget all the daily mundane things that have gone on also.

I read somewhere, sometime that a person is considered to be under major stress if they have any one of four things happen within a twelve month period. Last year I had three of those things happen within a 60 day period, and it was the ability to get here online and spout off about it to you that has kept me from going crazy. Well, at least crazier than I already am – I just had to say it before you did.

The money owed to the utilities really ain’t much in the overall scheme of things. $131.00 to the gas company and just over $250.00 to the water folks. Thanks to the largess of a friend here in town, the electricity is taken care of.

So, I’ve got a little over a week to scurry around and get some paying gigs done. If you know of someone that needs some shooting done, please let me know – ASAP.

Now before you ask how am I going to keep this from happening in the future? Well, I’ve got some really good things on the horizon. I’ve been approached by two major magazines here in WNC about doing some shooting for them. I’ve got some other good paying gigs coming up that can not only pay the bills, but it looks like help me get out ahead of the curve, and – oh yah – I won’t be doing any long distance, solo, unsupported bike trips again anytime soon.

Many American Indians have a tradition of casting problems to the wind. Kind of like turning them over to the Creator to handle and work things out the way they’re supposed to. So that’s what I’m doing – just “putting it out there” for the Creator to work it out. I’ll keep ya posted.

So this is a rough spot this ol’ boy is going through right now and thanks so much for hanging in there and reading this while I protect what little sanity I have left. Now I’m going to see if I can borrow a cigarette from Steven and maybe a buck from Tom for a cup of coffee and go out side while this blog is uploading.

NOTE: If you know of someone who needs some shooting done, please feel free to pass my cell # on to them. It’s 704-914-5424. Thanks

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