Rent-a-Cop and Photography @ Mission Hospital

Went over to Mission Hospital today.  Have a friend in there and just wanted to check in and see how she was doing.

When the nurses came in to draw some blood, I did what I do best under the circumstances — I made myself scarce.  You see, me and needles don’t get along.  Never have. Never will.

I was wandering around outside the hospital looking at the Asheville skyline.  Having the camera with me, I figured I’d squeeze off a couple of shots.  I locked down on the horizon when I heard it.

A short, loud “bluurrrppp” behind me startled me.  I turned around and it was some lady in a Mission Hospital Security truck.  The noise I heard was the siren.

The conversation went something like this:

Security Guard:  “What are you doing”?
Me:  “I’m taking photographs”.

Security Guard:  “You can’t do that”.
Me:  “Yah, I know.  I keep telling folks I can’t take pictures, but seems like many people like my work”.

“That’s not what I mean.  It’s against our policy to take pictures”.
“And what policy is that?”

“Our policy against taking pictures”.
“Oh?  And what that policy say exactly”?

“It says you can’t take pictures.”
“Of the view??”

“That’s right”.
“So where can I see a copy of this policy?”

“In Merle Gregory’s office.”
“Who’s he?”

“He’s the director of Marketing”.
“I’m not doing any marketing for the hospital.  I’m a freelance”.

“Well, he’s the one you have to see”.
“Why do I have to see the marketing guy if you’re with security”?

“That’s what our policy says”.

Sheesh…and with that, I squeezed off one more shot, smiled as she scowled at me and walked away.

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