Just setting at my favorite table at Firestorm Cafe thinking about the skydiving trip coming up Saturday. 10,000 feet and out the plane you go. Someone posted on my Facebook Wall, “Jerry, are you TRYING to have another heart attack?”. Well, no, I’m not.

That got me to thinking – yah, I know thinking is a terrible thing for me – but I did it anyway.

I got to thinking about all the great things I’ve gotten to do in life. There’s not much I haven’t done, and if it felt good, tasted good or smelled good – hell, I probably did it twice.

And then I got to thinking about the things I will NOT do before I die. Came up with a little list and just thought I’d share it with you.

Before I die, I will NOT…

…fail to watch a sunset, smell a rose, smile with a newborn baby or scratch a puppy behind it’s ears.

…go out of this world with a whimper.

…get to the point that Monday Night Football is my big thrill for the week.

…get overweight, complain that my knees hurt and wonder why.

…ever wear socks with sandals.

…confuse onions with garlic (don’t ask, it’s an inside joke between me and Vickie).

…be afraid to challenge injustice whenever I see it.

…be afraid to live life on the edge.

…ever try to take life more than one day at a time.

…worry about a messy house or the clothes on the floor when I can be enjoying the outdoors.

…be afraid to stand outside during a powerful thunderstorm, letting the rain wash over me.

…forget that relationships are more important that temporal possessions.

…ever pass up the chance to make someone’s day just a little brighter.

…ever possess the judgmental attitude that is possessed by some “christians’.

…ever forget that substance is more important than style.

…leave this world without the woman in my life knowing how much I love her.

So, there you have it. My short list of things I will NOT be doing. What’s on your list?

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