So Long Asheville!!!

Wow…24 hours and two great opportunities.

One news magazine in D.C. saw my work and wanted to talk and then just the other day, another news magazine in NYC did the same.

Kinda does this ol’ boys heart and ego pretty good.  Both markets are kinda big and either of them could have their choice of shooters working for them.

The fact that they reached down into the Smokies and wanted to talk with me is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event…and yah, I gotta admit, I sat here at Firestorm, sipping my cup of coffee and gave it some serious thought…I’d be a fool not to.

But I got to thinking.  I like Asheville.  I like the folks around town here and believe it or not, many of the folks seem to like me too.  Yah, it’s hard to believe, but deal with it.

There’s something I like about this ol’ mountain town and people.  I’ve only lived in my apartment for 11 months, but Asheville has been kind to me and really wrapped it’s arms around this grizzeled ol’ veteran.

I can’t walk down the street without at least 10 or so people wanting to stop and chat or honking their horn and waving at me.  I can’t come into Firestorm without folks stopping by the table to see how my day is going and to pick at me a little.

I can eat lunch at the Mission with the homeless or have dinner at Grove Park Inn with the suits and be just as accepted at either place — doesn’t say as much about me as it does about the folks around “these here parts”.

Yah…I love Asheville.  But it’s not the town or the people that’s keeping me here right now.

You see, I’ve got my eyes set on this pretty lil’ lady with a black poodle.  I want to see where this relationship goes.  Yup…it’s a new experience for me…being settled down in one spot for so long.  For the better part of the past five years I’ve been traveling.  Always excited about seeing what’s around the next turn or over the next hill.

Now, I just want to park here for a season and see what’s around the next turn or over the next hill in this relationship.

Well, I didn’t mislead you with the title of today’s blog.  On Friday, I’m heading to Washington D.C. with a bunch of veterans — so it’s So Long Asheville.

But come Monday when I get back to town and I get to see the pretty lil’ lady with a black poodle, it’ll be — HONEY, I’M HOME!

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