How “I see it. I shoot it. I live it. Join the Adventure” Came to Be.

The slogan on my website and business cards is: “I see it.  I shoot it.  I live it.  Join the adventure”.

I get quite a few comments and questions about that slogan.  Most people seem to like it and they want to know how I came up with it.

That’s what today’s blog is about.

Several years ago when I first set up the website, my slogan was simply, “I see it.  I shoot it”.  Kind of my way to thumb my nose at all the technically correct photographers who have to have the lighting just right, the composition perfect, the f stop at the right setting and so on.  You know the type…the anal retentive ones who have to know and understand all the techie side of things.  Not me.

I see it.  I shoot it.  Nothing difficult about that.  Just real basic.  I see it and I shoot it.  I don’t worry about the lighting or any of the other “stuff” that makes a great picture.  I shoot mainly for my entertainment and if you happen to like something you see, well, so much the better.

Anyways, back to the point of this blog.

Several years ago I was up in Wisconsin doing a shoot.  An American Legion post had heard I was going to be in town and they wanted to know if I’d speak to their group and maybe share some photos.  I jumped at the chance to introduce someone else to JourneyAmerica.

The last shot in the power point presentation was my header at the time.  It had a few shots of where I’d been and the tagline, “I see it.  I shoot it.”

The Post Commander and I went out to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee after I spoke to the post.  We got to talking about some of my adventures on the road that I hadn’t shared with the group.  While we chatted, he looked through some more images that were on my laptop that I hadn’t shown at the post.

After about an hour of looking at some of my shots and chatting, he smiled at me and said, “You don’t just see it and shoot it.  YOU LIVE IT!  Everyone needs to join your adventure”.

And that’s how “I see it. I shoot it.  I live it.  Join the adventure” came into being.

I’m fortunate.  I get to see and do alot of neat things that alot of people would love to see and do.  But too often, too many people let fear and homeostasis get in the way of making their own adventure.  They’d rather settle down infront of the television with their dockers and chinos and let the world go by.

Well, as long as they do, they can continue to visit my website and read this blog and maybe, just maybe in some small way…they can JOIN THE ADVENTURE CALLED LIFE!

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