Veterans Still Fighting for Peace

Veterans for PeaceSeveral years ago when I first came through Asheville, I hooked up with the local Veterans for Peace (VFP) guys.  They hold a rally every Tuesday night — rain or shine.

A big part of my life is spent hanging out with veterans and trying to find ways to help them.  So I figured I’d post this short blog this morning.

I was recently invited by the VFP to do a public screening of “A Sacred Journey”…the DVD about the recent trip to The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

I won’t estimate the crowd, I’m never good at those things.  But I will tell you this: it was well received.

After some finger foods and something to drink, the group held a brief business meeting and then everyone settled in to watch the DVD.

There were only one or two questions during the showing and when the credits rolled and the lights went up, there wasn’t any movement or sound from anyone.  Never knew that many people could be that quiet.

I wasn’t sure what their reaction meant.  Did they like it?  Hate it?  My answer came soon.  Just about every person that was there commented favorably on the DVD.  I saw more than one person with red eyes — a sure sign that the DVD had brought some tears.

If you’re in town on a Tuesday evening, make plans to swing by Vance Monument and speak with these guys — and gals.  If you’re rushed for time and can’t stop to chat, make sure you at least blow the horn and show them your support.  They’ll appreciate it.

If you’d like to order “A Sacred Journey” on DVD, then please email me today for details.



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