Mister, Can You Spare a Quarter….Million?

So the other day, I’m walking down the street you see in the picture here.  With me is a friend that lives on the same street.  We’re busy talking about one of my favorite subjects: homelessness.

From the angle of the shot, you can tell it’s a nice upper-middle income class neighborhood.  Manicured lawns,  trimmed hedges and boxwoods and a housing management office from hell, but that’s another story.  But one thing you can’t tell is that each condo costs a quarter million.

Now I’ve learned enough in my 55 trips around the sun to know that a quarter million condo isn’t much of a condo these days, but to this ol’ boy, it’s still a healthy sum.

Anyways, as we walked and talked, my friend Bruce, pointed out different units and told me about the people living behind the sterile walls.

One condo contained a homeless couple and their two kids.

Now what’s a homeless couple with two kids doing living in a quarter million dollar condo?  They’re homeless, that’s what.

They were living in the upper midwest when the economy tanked, the business where they worked closed and they found themselves without any income.

Dad to the rescue.  They loaded up their truck and moved to Asheville to live with him in his quarter million dollar condo.

They’re not bad people for having to rely on dad’s generosity for a season.  They’re not lazy, shiftless people that are taking advantage of a handout.  No, they’re a young couple with children that need a hand.

And the point of this blog?  Just to say this: You’ll be surprised to learn exactly where you can find homeless people now-a-days.  If you want to meet someone that’s homeless, sure, you can go to Pritchard Park and hang out on the benches, go check out under the I240 overpass and check out some spots down along the river.

Or maybe you can just walk across the street and talk with your neighbors.  Even if you live in a quarter million dollar condo.


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