Silver Bells and My Distant Brush with Fame

I’ve got a friend in Georgia — Andrea Ellis.  Andrea and I hooked up around March when I was heading out to the west coast for some R&R before the bike wrecked.

Anyway, Andrea is a singer.  She’s awesome.  She’s one of those rare people that you run into briefly for a season and find that in the back of your mind they’ve taken up residence.  I don’t mean in a “stalker” kind of way — I just mean that occasionally you think about them and wonder what’s become of them.

Andrea’s like that.  Like I said, she’s an awesome lady.  I never had the chance to meet her mother, I would’ve liked to.  There’s a story there with her mom also.

My friend Andrea Ellis

Ever hear of the song “Silver Bells“?  Stupid question, of course you have.  But for those of you that just landed this morning on earth, let me share with you.

“Silver Bells” is an American classic.  Written by Jay Livingstone and Ray Evans, it was originally called “Tinkle Bells”.  Well, Jay’s wife thought that was funny and told Jay what “tinkle” also means…so he changed replaced “Tinkle” with “Silver”.

Anyway, it was originally recorded by Bob Hope and a lady whose name I can’t remember right now.  But it wasn’t the Bob Hope version that became so popular.    The version that rocketed to the top of the charts — and the one we think about when we talk about great Christmas songs was recorded by Bing Crosby and Carol Richards and released in October 1950.

Carol was Andrea’s mom.  While her mom was never thrilled with the way she sounded on the recording, you gotta admit it’s a helluva song.

And Andrea is a helluva lady!

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