Nazi’s, Skinheads and Home Owners Associations

Know what Nazi’s, Skinheads and many Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) have in common?

#1  They each try to control too many facets of your life.
#2  They each try to maintain the purity of something.
#3  All of the above.

Answer?  #3.  All of the above.

Home Owner’s Associations, or HOAs, first became popular in the 60s.  With the aging of the baby boom generation and more people leaving town for the suburbs, people found they wanted to maintain uniformity in their neighborhoods.

Well, that’s OK up to a point.  I guess.

About 50 years ago, back in the dark ages of the 60s, Civil Rights was on the rise.  Voting restrictions were lifted, “colored” water fountains were removed and integration in the schools was being implemented.

To keep their precious lily white children from having to mix with “those” people, some bigoted white folk got together and started private schools.  Almost every private school you find in the Deep South today that was begun in the 60s or 70s was started in an effort to keep “them” and “their kind” out.

Just like private schools in the Deep South, many HOAs were started with the idea of keeping “them” out of the neighborhood.  But today, it’s illegal to discriminate in housing.  So what’s a bunch of blue haired ladies who have nothing better to do than snoop on their neighbors suppose to have for entertainment?

Sticking their noses into the business of their neighbors.  That’s what.

I’ve got a friend that lives in Crowell Farms Subdivision over in Candler.  Crowell Farms is a little subdivision of $300K homes built in a little piece of suburbia heaven.  Crowell Farms used to be a cattle farm, but when the Crowell brothers inherited the land from their father, one of them decided that he was tired of tending to cow manure all day.  He plowed up the pasture, put down streets, built some cracker boxes and called them homes.

And, as often happens, some of the first people to move into the neighborhood decided they wanted to make sure that people followed rules and guidelines and measured up to an imaginary standard.  The blue hairs had every new homeowner sign what’s called a “covenant”.

The covenant states what future homeowners can and can’t do on their own property.  Yah, you read that right.  You’ve got a bunch of little ol’ busy bodies trying to control the goings on in homes that isn’t theirs.  Sounds a little bit like Nazi Germany.

But if you point this out to the neo-octogenarian-Nazi’s they’ll be quick to respond with, “we’re just protecting our investment and making sure people have a nice, clean, safe neighborhood to come home to”.

Yep.  I think an old boy named Hitler used pretty much the same argument when he was trying to put the Jews out of business.

If you ever run into one of these self-appointed-neighborhood watch dogs @ Crowell Farms (or any other HOA for that matter), please be sure to tell them I think they have their head up their butt.  And yah, feel free to use my name!

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