Adios Amigo

Vadim Bora died.

The end of an era.  The passing of a friend.

I first met Vadim when I moved to Asheville in May of 2008.  I stopped by his studo to see if he had any photographic needs I could meet — a sales call.

What started as a sales call ended up in a friendship.  I would stop by his studio often.  Sometimes to look around and see what was new.  Other times just to set and chat and share a smoke or two.

I never did get to do any photography for him.  But I got more.  I got a friend.

I miss you my friend.



Click here to read the column in MountainXpress about Vadim

4 thoughts on “Adios Amigo

  1. Спасибо всем людям г.Эшвилла за переживания и соболезнование по поводу ухода в мир иной Вадима Бораева. Он с детства был неординарной личностью: талантливый, целеустремленной и очень трудолюбивый. Он всегда знал, чего хочет в искусстве. Он добился многого. Светлая ему память на века! Северная Осетия и Россия скорбят вместе с теми, кто его любил и уважал!
    Мама его сына Георгия Наталья Бораева г.Владикавакз

  2. And a rough translation thanks to is:

    Thanks to all people of [g].[Eshvilla] for the experiences and the condolence apropos of withdrawal into the peace of Vadim [Boraev]’s other. It from the childhood was the uncommon personality: talented, have purposed and very industrious. He always knew, what it wants in the skill. It attained much. Bright to it memory to the centuries! North Osetia and Russia grieve together with those, who loved and respected it!
    The mom of its son Georgiy Natalia is boron [g].[Vladikavakz]

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