Step Right Up and Get Your Widget to Save the Planet!

The Sky is Falling

Before you read on, let me say loud and clear:


What I don’t believe is all this “global warming” crap that people are talking about.  Well, OK, maybe the earth is warming up a little, but it’s been going through warming and cooling cycles since time begain.

I think all this noise and fuss is just a successful attempt by the Yuppie elite on Madison Avenue tapping into the frayed nerves of people and using the global warming “crisis” as just a way to sell more “green” things.

And morons are buying into it.

I don’t know how old you are or where you were in the 60s.  None of my business.  But I can remember something real clear that makes me doubt the crisis of the month, i.e., global warming.

I was setting in a 4H camp in Virginia Beach, Virginia listening to a guest speaker.  He was some muckety-muck from Virginia Tech and was talking about the soon-to-arrive first Earth Day.

The reason he was so concerned about the planet?  Get yourself a cup of coffee before you read this next line — you won’t believe it.

The reason he was so concerned?  The earth was cooling down.  Yah, you read that right.  We were entering a new ice age and within our lifetime the world was going to be one big frozen snow cone — unless we acted right away.

His solution?  Cover the north and south polar ice caps with black soot.  The black soot will soak up the sun’s rays, warming the ice caps, and reducing the likelihood that they will freeze.

I think I’m going to create a crisis and then invent a product that will solve my created crisis.  Yah, I’m gonna be a gazillionaire by the time I’m 60.

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