Ten Reasons to Not Get a Job (Part IX)

9. Loss of freedom.

It takes “the system” a lot of time and effort to turn a human being into an employee. The first thing the system does is give you a heavy policy manual which is filled with ridiculous rules and regulations. This can cause you to become more obedient, fearing that you will be disciplined at any minute for something stupid.

As part of “obedience training”, employees must be taught how to dress (ever hear of a dress code at work?); how to talk (be careful what you say, political correctness is rampant); and so on. Employees can’t be allowed to think for themselves, that would ruin everything.
God forbid you should put a plant on your desk when it’s against the company policy. Oh no, it’s the end of the world! Cindy has a plant on her desk! Summon the enforcers! Send Cindy back for another round of sterility training!

People who are free think that corporate and work rules and regulations are stupid and silly. The only policy free adults really need is: “Be smart. Be nice. Do what you love. Have fun.”

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist living in Asheville, North Carolina. He has traveled the world documenting the tears, joys, laughter and lives of people everywhere. He currently focuses his camera on the same topics in America. His work has appeared in such diverse publications as USAToday, CNN, Upsurge, Dream Row and others. A portion of his income from each photo shoot is donated to organizations that help the homeless in the communities in which he works. You can see more of his photography by clicking here.

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