Affordable Housing Groundbreaking This Friday!

A groundbreaking ceremony for four units of affordable housing will be held in Pritchard Park Friday at 10:00am.  The units, donated by GE, will be situated along the western boundary of Pritchard Park in the vicinity of the Gecko metal sculpture.

“I’m glad to see our efforts coming to fruition,” says Jerry Nelson, a local advocate for the homeless.  “We’ve been working on this under the radar so as not to alarm the anti-progressives in the city.  I’m stoked that four of our homeless will be able to have housing in the middle of down town where they can eat, sleep and relax with their friends and neighbors”.

A spokesman for the law firm, Dewey, Cheetem and Howe said the park was approved because it is a public space.  “Pritchard Park belongs to everyone”, she said.  “It’s not just for the housed to enjoy or for tourists.  The federal law states that housing opportunities cannot be denied to anyone based on age, sex, race, religion, economic status or sexual orientation.  By being able to put in these four units, we’ve demonstrated to everyone that Asheville can live up to it’s nickname of: “Paris in the South”.

Ima Greene, horticulturist for UNCA said, “There’s plenty of green space in Asheville Buncombe County for flower planting.  Flowers can be planted along the Blue Ridge Parkway, behind McCormick Field or down by the river.  Public parks were created for people, not flowers.”

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