St Mark’s Just Isn’t a Good Community Member

Jesus made the lame walk. St Mark's makes it impossible for them to get by.

Every morning for the past two years I leave the apartment and take a short cut through an alley to Chestnut.  Walking west I Chestnut towards Merrimon, I pass St Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

For the past week I’ve had to step into the street when I get to St Mark’s.  Someone working on their property left a big pile of brush blocking the sidewalk.

The analogies are too many to miss.  This morning I had to stop and grab some shots of the situation.  

It’s been my experience in life that too many churches hinder people from learning about the creator.  These shots just graphically show — to me at least — how seemingly uncaring some churches can be to those that are just trying to make their way through life — or down the sidewalk.

If you look careful at the pictures, you’ll see a sign that threatens towing for any unauthorized cars parked in their driveway.  Funny, they don’t want you to interrupt their “flow of parking”, but they don’t mind interrupting the “flow” of sidewalk traffic.  Especially for the three folks in wheel chairs that I’ve seen use this sidewalk often.

The sign says not to use their parking lot. I feel like putting up a sign telling the church not to use the sidewalk.

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