Susan Reinhardt — You Screwed Up!

OK Susan. Now you’ve screwed up. I’ve been reading your column fairly regularly and sometimes I even like what you have to say. But unless you’ve snuck a couple of legal classes in there when I wasn’t looking, you’ve gone too far.
Casey Anthony is innocent. Doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. Just means a jury found her innocent of one of the worst crimes that I can think of. And now you – along with much of the rest of the country – are playing Monday morning quarterback.
C’mon Susan, admit a couple things.
First, the jury heard some things that you didn’t hear. You yourself admit that you “…didn’t follow it daily…”. And even what you did “follow” wasn’t what you heard. It was what the pundits and talking heads on TV told you what was said. Yah, I know you media types like to boast about accuracy but c’mon. If I told you that the milk in your fridge was sour, you wouldn’t believe me until and unless you checked it out for yourself. Why would you take someone else’s word for what the jury heard and/or was told?
Which brings me to the second thing you need to admit. You heard some things that the jury never heard. Again…talking heads. Nancy Grace and the like telling you each night what went on in the jury room.
Have you forgotten about “reasonable doubt” Susan? You know that little – apparently to you inconvenient – thing that keeps us from having the Salem Witch Trials again. Where’s the evidence? Sure, Casey didn’t act like we would expect mothers to act who had just lost a child. But poor taste and idiotic behavior is not proof that she killed anyone. It just proves she has poor taste and is an idiot.

Photos by Jerry Nelson,

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