How About Joining Me For Dinner?

How about a dinner for two. Somewhere in town. Just you and me. Interested? Then help me out.

As a freelance type of guy most of the stories I write for publication have to be found – by me. Oh yah, sometimes newspapers and magazines will give me assignments, but usually I have to find my own stories.

I’m looking for story ideas about people, places and things around Asheville. It has to be interesting – something everyone would want to read about. It has to be local – I doubt if the Washington Post will be interested in a local story that flies even under OUR radar. And that’s the third criteria. It has to be something that the “mainstream” news outlets don’t – or won’t – write about.

So that’s about it. Post your suggestions on my Facebook page and I’ll let you know who the winner is. Once the story is published in MountainExpress, we’ll schedule an evening for dinner.

One thought on “How About Joining Me For Dinner?

  1. Hi, Jerry. I saw a post on our Prime Ribbing wall that said “Love the new layout” and that led me to your website. Beautiful work. I was intrigued by your dinner offer, so that got me to thinking. have two actually.

    One is Stephan De Ghelder, who wrote and directed “Prime Ribbing” that was at the Altamont. He’s been in theatre for about 40 years, has acted/choreographed/written/directed. Is looking for producers for a show he wrote that won a “best new Musical” nomination with the Jeff Awards in Chicago; Has a pair of Agnes DeMille’s toe shoes as a souvenir, lots of great theatrical stories and a wall of original posters and cast albums (including having performed in “A Chorus Line” and the original company of “Hair.”

    Then, there is Chris Cassells, who is a photographer, videographer who has lived and worked in Asheville for 30 years. Started in the music biz, was a Southern Gospel Music producer for awhile, has a great story and is one of those unsung businesspeople in Asheville. He’s been here, as I say, for 30 years, and no one knows about him. (I wrote up a lengthy story about him and submitted it to Mtn Xpress but never heard from anyone about it. He had hired me to do some pr for him in May when celebrating his 30th). Either would make interesting reads, are local, talented people living and working in Asheville.

    As I say, I have a lengthy article that could be used for background on Chris if there is any interest. He’s an interesting guy for sure. And, Stephan’s got some great stories.

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