Ratmandu — Home of Not So Very Himalayan Cuisine

You know the restaurant that’s a couple doors over from Thirsty Monk at the corner of Coxe and Patton? I always wanted to check the place out. They boast on their sign out front that they have “Himalayan Cuisine”. I’ve been to Nepal and wondered what their version of Himalayan Cuisine would be like. I decided to take a friend and we’d check it out.

So the other day, I’m sitting in the restaurant with a friend. We’re chatting while we eat lunch and checking out the tourists. Then I see it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something about 8 inches long and almost black. Coming from under the waiter’s station in one corner of the dining area, it ran about 4 feet and disappeared under the ice machine in the other corner. Did I see what I think I did?

I told my friend about it and he watched with me. Since neither of us drinks alcohol, our powers of observation were undiminished and in a few minutes we saw the creature take the return flight.

Yep, it was a rat. An 8 inch long rat with a tail nearly as long as the body. This time though, it didn’t run. It “sauntered”. Yes, sauntered! Remember the way Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder walked when they entered prison? Strutting and saying, “We’re bad. We’re bad”. I swear that’s the way the rat walked. Stopping just before he disappeared back under the waiter’s station, he stopped, looked dead at me and – winked.

A friend of mine owns the business that is directly under the Ratmandu. I paid her a visit a couple days later and innocently asked if she was having a problem with rats. Not saying a word, she pointed to the floor behind a small storage cabinet. I looked. There was a rat caught in the trap. Nope, not the same one I had seen upstairs a few days before, but a different one.

While I drank a cup of coffee, she told me about the “rat races” that are held in the space between the drop ceiling in her office and the floor of the restaurant upstairs.

I don’t want to drag this out too long. You know which way it’s going already. But just let me suggest that it be awhile before you go to “Ratmandu”.

5 thoughts on “Ratmandu — Home of Not So Very Himalayan Cuisine

  1. I have seen them literally peeking through the blinds on the back side of their restaurant at night, just hanging out and having a good ole time. On numerous occasions.

  2. Aw, poor neighbors. If “Ratmandu” is the origin of the rats, does that mean they are liable for the neighbor?

  3. Yep. I have looked at the place and wondered too if it had the food my friends from college who were from Nepal used to make. I did not wish to go try. I’ll wait until I can get to Nepal, or invite them back here to my home, and let ’em cook. O’yea; did ypu ever eat any of that cousin-to-Spam stuff as a kid, called Star? Now what does STAR spell backwards?

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