If You Have Warrants Out, Keep Your Damn Mouth Shut

Two of the three hoekey pucks who couldn't keep their mouth shut!

So I’m coming over the hill this morning on College Street heading to Firestorm Books and Cafe when I see it.

There’s a gold Toyota pulled over to the side of the street and right behind it there’s two or three bicycles that I recognize right away as being Police bicycles.  Since I know some of the bike cops, I figured some wing nut has run over one of the cops.  Being inquisitive, I pulled the camera out of the gear bag and got ready to take some shots.  Well, the good news is that none of the bike cops had been hit.

Actually, a bicycle cop had pulled the gold car over.  But I didn’t know why at the time.  I watched, waited and squeezed off a few shots as I did.  They pulled a female passenger out of the car, cuffed her and put her into the back of a patrol car that had arrived on the scene.  Then they pulled the two guys out of the car and patted them down.  The male passenger was “cuffed and stuffed” into the patrol car while the other male was seated on the curb…waiting.

What’s the end of this story?  The two wing nuts that the cops put into the back of the cop car had outstanding warrants.  The guy that was driving, well, he didn’t have a driver’s license.  No driver’s license means the car gets towed.

Their “crime”?  They were apparently verbally harassing a bicyclist when they were

No license equals no car!

spotted by the bicycle cop.  She (the bike cop) chased them down Haywood Street and right onto College when the unlicensed driver figured he better pull over.

Just goes to show you, if you have outstanding warrant’s, KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!!

Photos by Jerry Nelson, JourneyAmerica.org

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