I Can’t Believe the Greedy Folks in the Haywood Hotel Shop! Christmas in July??

Christmas in July??

C’mon people. It’s stiC’mon!  It’s only July!  And you’ve already put up Christmas decorations in your shop window??

I’m not a Scrooge, I like Christmas as much as anyone.  But…

When you start pushing Christmas this early in the year, it does a couple things.

First, it makes you look like a greedy capitalist.  And that’s not a good thing!  If people want to buy decorations while the temperature outside is still in the 90s, well, that’s their business.  But why do you have to rush the season?

Second.  When you start pushing Christmas even before school starts, then people like me are sick and tired of it by the time Christmas is finally here.  You want to know why 5 of the last 6 Christmas shopping seasons have sucked?  Because you start the freakin’ season so blasted early!

Third.  I can’t think of a third right now, but give it time and some of the folks who read this will be plenty able to pile on the reasons that we don’t need to be starting to push Christmas in July.

Photos by Jerry Nelson, JourneyAmerica.org



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