I’d Love Your Vote for Best Photographer in WNC…Thanks!

I’d appreciate your vote!  Every year about this time one of the outlets I freelance for has a “Best of WNC” contest.  It’s a neat little contest where readers can vote for their choice of “Best of WNC” in a humongous range of categories.

Best hippie, best place to eat, best place to buy coffee, best place to…well, you get the idea.  Many businesses throw their hat into the ring for obvious reasons.

I’m throwing my hat into the ring too and I’d like your vote.

There’s plenty of photographers around Asheville that are a helluva lot better than me.  But I guarantee you this.  There’s not a one that loves this town and these mountains and these people more than I do.

So if you get a chance, please CLICK HERE to login and vote.  Thanks for the help, support and love you’ve shown me over the two years I’ve been here and someday we’ll “clink” coffee cups down at Firestorm Cafe and Books and drink a toast to many more years to come.

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