10 Things I Hate About Wannabe Photographers

NOTE: This post today isn’t mine. It was written by a photog friend of mine that I met a couple years ago on a shoot in New York City. You can see more of his work on his website by clicking here

Eight years in the beauty business has taught me one singular thing: there is no such thing as mediocrity. You’re either just beautiful or you’re not; just ugly or not. Plain is a white polo, or a place where you plant rice, not a beauty standard.

The same, I guess, goes for people who call themselves “photographers.” With the advent of new technology (read: digital photography, and the countless list of “cam-whatevers” – from phone cams to mp3 cams, etc.) more and more people are getting into the realm of photography. But few, I declare, are worthy to be called photographers. It’s meshing a great eye with technical savvy; clicking at that right moment whilst making sure one has prepared that perfect moment to begin with.

Let me keep this simple. The title says it all.

1.) Art photography does not start with doing nudes. Not because one has done nudes, one can call himself a photographer. Maybe “pornographer” is much closer.

2.) Having a “folio” on Multiply, Flickr, Picturetrail, or any other online Gallery does not make one a photographer. A corollary: NOT having a website or somewhere to professionally post your photographs shows you’re NOT a professional photographer. I don’t care WHO or WHAT you claim to photograph.

3.) Aperture, ISO, and Exposure are NOT Photoshop features.

4.) On the subject of Photoshop, if you find that you use the Shadow/Highlight, Liquify, Color Balance and Clone Stamp Tools more often than needed, you should consider rethinking your “photographer” claim.

5.) There is a fine line between a photographer and an art director. A Photographer captures his desired image once he clicks. An Art Director manipulates his desired image after the click.

6.) If someone Google’s your name + the word ‘photographer’ or ‘photography’ and they don’t get at least a couple dozens search results, then you are NOT a professional photographer. Quit telling people you are.

7.) If I ask you for a polaroid study, you can give me a polaroid study that is as close to the actual photo as possible.

8.) It doesn’t matter if your friends say you’ve done a nice job as a “photographer.” Claim to be one once you start getting hired as a photographer.


10.) People who take really bad photos. And try to re-edit them in order to look nice. And still fail.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About Wannabe Photographers

  1. I saw some professional photographs of a family the other day. All the people had the same Photoshop eyes! There were terrible photoshop mistakes! I get a lot of compliments on my photographs but I’m not a photographer, I’m a writer. Anyone who wants to be professional must constantly improve, anyone who want to be great must never be satisfied. I constantly improve my writing and photography so at least I’m trying. I won’t put a label on myself until it is generally accepted that I’m professional.

    Interesting blog!

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