Occupy Wall Street Continues as The Nervous Nellies Weep and Wail

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A real people’s movement is springing up in Manhattan as fall arrives.

Occupy Wall Street, a protest against yuppie led bank bailouts and corporate greed, is what the tea party started out to be and — probably would have been — if the movement hadn’t been prostituted by hijacked by conservatives, and funded by the wealthy.

The Tea Party started out as being a mechanism to funnel the anger and frustration of the general public. Instead of calling for more controls on the thieves of Wall Street, Tea Party members have gone to bed with the super rich and have fought – and won – every battle to increase the wealthiest Americans tax rate.

While this happens, you and I set around watching the gap between the economic classes grow wider and wider. The chasm between the richest 1 percent and the rest of us is wider than it has been in 90 years – and it’s getting wider.

Occupy Wall Street – which began in Zuccotti Park on September 17 – is gathering speed like the proverbial snow ball rolling down hill. The police have arrested at least 80 people – mainly for disorderly conduct and impeding traffic. The protestors claim the cops have used pepper spray on them, but instead of dampening their spirits, this has just increased their resolve. Videos and photos of the arrests are posted all over the web.

The group of protestors can’t be dismissed as just “twenty something’s” with nothing better to do. The protestors include former white-collar workers that are unemployed and have no job prospects.

The country’s forty and fifty somethings need to pay attention to Zuccotti Park. It seems that the president is now ready to stop babysitting the rich and for one of the very few times since the financial meltdown, there’s a group of American’s speaking up on behalf of the rest of us instead of just wringing their hands and crying out “somebody do something” as they turn in shame and fear.

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