OccupyDC — As I See It

Well, I’m back in D.C. While Jo and I work on rebuilding our relationship, I’m going to hang my hat and camera here at OccupyDC. Got here to McPherson Square where the occupiers are occupying about 9 or so this morning. Within about 20 minutes, I had been given a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad and some breakfast*. The spirit among the occupiers is so much different that the mood of the yuppies whose main mantra seems to be “get, get, get”. The occupiers try to “give, give, give”.

I’m going to be here for a season. Don’t know if that’ll be a week or a month. We’ll see. I’ve talked to the photo editor at The Washington Times and he and I will be sitting down in the next several days to talk about my doing some freelance stuff for the paper…the second biggest one here in the nation’s capital.

In the meantime, to keep myself occupied and out of trouble, I plan on writing a regular (whatever that means) blog about how I see OccupyDC. I was here on October 6th for the kick off and Jo and I stopped by last week when we visited, and the number of folks in McPherson Square is exponentially larger now than then.

There’s been a ton of media coverage about all of the Occupy movements that have sprung up around the globe. While I can’t speak for the occupations that I’ve not seen firsthand, I can talk to the ones that I have seen and it seems like so much of the media coverage – on both sides – has been slanted to support one side’s particular view. My goal is to try to convey to you in writing – just like I try with my photography – to paint as accurate and unbiased picture as possible and let you decide.

That’s about it for now. It’s cold and rainy outside and supposed to get worse over the weekend. So if anyone has an extra jacket they’d like to send this way…well, you get the picture.

*Many of the occupiers are not from the D.C. metro area and have family and friends that help provide for basic needs. When someone is sent an extra coat, sleeping bag or something else, the extra is donated to the comfort station – a tent set up to collect and distribute needed items.

Jerry Nelson is a nationally recognized photojournalist. His work has appeared in many national, regional and local publications including CNN, USAToday, Upsurge, Earthwalkers and Associated Content. Nelson travels the country seeking out the people, places and things that make America unique and great. When not traveling, Nelson volunteers his time and donates his services to area non-profit agencies and is available for portraits, promotional shoots, events and more. Nelson lives in Asheville, North Carolina when not chasing down stories and photo opportunities.

Click Here to see some of his work.

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