OccupyDC — As I See It. Gloves, Coats and a Prayer Request

Coats, jackets, warm socks, gloves, mittens, “space blankets” and a prayer request.

That’s what the occupiers at OccupyDC need. I guess another way to say it is to imagine yourself camping out over the winter somewhere. You’re sleeping on the ground and – hopefully – you’re in a tent. What would YOU like to have?

The majority of those that are staying overnight – every night – in McPherson Square are in their 20s. There’s a few in their 30s and 40s. And I’ve even met two other people that are old farts like me in their 50s. The heart of the movement here is being carried by the 20 somethings – those that are still long on ideals. With the spirit they bring to this movement, I’d like to see ‘em win. And if all I can do to help is to cheer them on and put the word out for some supplies, then that’s what I’ll do.

I have a pastor friend, Rich Niebuhr, in Arlington VA that is ready to accept any donated items on behalf of the occupation. His church building is big enough to accept donations, store them and when enough has been sent in, he has several church vans that they can haul the stuff to the square. (Don’t send money – there’s just no easy way to get an out of town check or money order cashed around here).

The address to send anything else to is:

Jerry Nelson
c/o Arlington Assembly of God
4501 N Pershing Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

What is it that I need? That’s where the prayer comes in. I’ve placed a request – a big one – on the table in front of the Creator. If He (or She, depending on your viewpoint) grants this one request, then I won’t need anything else.

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