OccupyDC — As I See It. Get Naked Before Your Read This

Naked and Cold

Stop what you’re doing…right now…before you read another word. There’re a couple things I want you to do.

First get naked. Yep, strip down. The rest of this experiment won’t work unless you’re naked. Now, turn the a/c in your home on full blast. Make it as cold in your place as you can. If it will, let the a/c hover somewhere around the mid 30s.

While the house is cooling down go outside and bring in the sprinkler from the yard. Open the refrigerator door and put the sprinkler in front of it – with the water going.

Have you done all this so far? Just one more step and the experiment can start. Open the fridge doors and turn on every fan in the house. Now stand naked in front of the open fridge…

…with the fans blowing on you…

…with the sprinkler soaking you with water…

…while the a/c layers the inside of the windows with a coat of frost.

If you’ve done all that then you’re almost as cold and wet as we are in McPherson Square. As I write this at 2:35pm, it’s 35 degrees outside and there’s something called a “freezing mix” that’s falling. And it’s going to continue at least through tonight. It starts warming up some tomorrow until the temperature hits the 60s sometime Wednesday before the thermometer starts heading south again.

These are the conditions that the OccupyDC folks are sleeping in. Well, many are sleeping in anyway. There’s a lot of folks in the Square that have homes and apartments in the D.C. metro area and that’s where they scurry too at nightfall and when the thermometer, wind and precipitation conspire.

Now, stop standing there naked, soaking wet and freezing and put some clothes on and get warm. Do it for me if not for yourself.

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