Guest Blog by: Eve Haslam

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.” -Michael Gerber

It’s 2012 and the infrastructure of business, politics, government, finances, religion and just about every conceivable form of institution in today’s world is collapsing. The truth is while it all feels very traumatic we’re at the apex of a golden opportunity for a new future. For business we’re in the entrepreneurial era. How you think in and on your business dictate your bare bones of change. How you intend, strategize, proceed tactically and take responsibility is the NEW order of your business mind and will determine your future success.

What do you suppose most people do when they open or advance in business? In fact – what they continue to do should they sustain a few years? The answer is painfully redundant every time: they market. Getting the business is the entire focus – followed by delivery.

If you’re a business owner reading this, hopefully you know that there’s a difference between marketing and sales, reaching and attracting, lead generation and lead retention.

The one area of frustration for business owners is getting (marketing) the business. It’s also one of the four pillars in my business model. This is the area of your business that takes the greatest investment and suffers the greatest loss, in the U.S. a few billion dollars annually.

Much is missed when owners approach marketing because it truly stems from your culture, your commitment, your plan, your team, your community, your social media, your allies, your web *presence*, your systems … and so much more. It requires getting into the heads of your demographic audience and diligently bridging an emotional link to reach, draw, and keep them. It means describing your system for growing this audience and takes time and measurable strategies.

Creating versus waiting

Getting the business is more than a marketing plan and the outcomes directly reflect your best and your worst efforts. It’s a quantum concentration and requires knowing that what you seek is seeking you – then preparing for what comes through your door, ‘build it and they will come’. Therein lies the key to attraction and retention.

The conduct of reacting at the last minute is what has to change in most business owners. Mimicking something you’ve seen or heard about, and trying the same thing over and over that is ineffective. Having no plan only leads to burn out, exhaustion and buckling after a few failures. What has to change is how you think! Are you applying any of these tools?

Running effective ads – well presented by an expert copy writer, advertising firm

A powerful logo – that conveys your message and attracts your audience, it describes your culture and mission

E-blasts, newsletters, networking – builds a voice, a presence in your industry and community, fosters relationships

Web presence – tells all, who you are and your culture, what sets you a part, the format of your site works for you, what is the function of your site, strong seo and social media presence

Videos, audios, freebies and so much more…are *must* tools for every type of business today’s engaging consumer

Getting the business requires not only the best planning, a clearly defined culture, and investment – but also the character to see it through for the long haul –this is key. It requires you to seek out expert input to position your business in the best possible way. Do your homework and have a plan so you can SUPPORT the growth, the outcome of your actions.

Having a business model to work from is essential in today’s new world. Reading books, guessing at your methods, attending webinars and seeing what happens is all important yet a waste of time without the steady guidance and application. Knowing what you need is the first step– yet it’s typically the last consideration with most business owners as they circle the drain and become another statistic.

Introduce yourself to the business model that covers everything in your venture – based on the best knowledge in the industry, the 4 pillars business model insures a foundation from any starting point for running your business upward and improving all that you’ve done.

A Few Good Clients

GVN is now accepting new clients. Whether you’re launching or expanding, consult with my expertise for your future success. Let 2012 be the greatest year, and growing your dream the greatest game of your life!

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Eve Haslam is considered a true business therapist in her consulting and coaching expertise. She’s a spirited entrepreneur and has a thriving jazz band in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

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