Ramblings and some scenery from Salida, Colorado

A few shots from the past couple days here in Salida, Colorado. There’s no internet service or cell service at the fishing camp, so my ramblings will be intermittent.

It’s cold and windy along the river. Saturday, May 5, it was bright, shiny and very windy. This morning (Monday the 7th) there were several inches of snow on the ground. Since I was alone in the fishing camp, I just stayed in the sleeping bag in the tent and tried to stay warm. Finally about 11:30am, I just HAD to get a cup of coffee before catching a ride into town.

I’m at the library in Salida at the moment uploading these photos. The library is in a building that Bat Masterson once used as a saloon and brothel. Lots of history in “these here parts”, but I’m looking forward to getting to Idaho and become part of civilization again where people are making things happen.

Arkansas River, Colorado

Nothing better than waking up…

What’s that old beer commercial say? “Head to the Rockies”?

A modern day frontiersman if you ask me. Met him in Salida Sunday night at an open air music jam

Steve, he just got tired of life and dropped out. Now he lives in the mountains outside Salida Colorado enjoying his space and freedom

Yep. The tree is growing THROUGH the wagon whell.

Cactus grows all over the Arkansas River riverbank. They were pretty this morning with snow on them. I was just too cold and tired to get the camera out. Yah, I know. I’m a slacker.

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