Boise, Idaho. Next stop on this adventure called life

Two weeks from today I climb on the Greyhound and head towards the Northwest.  The two months I’ve spent on the river with Rivers of Recovery has been pretty good overall, but I’m glad to have been given the chance to get back into social justice causes and try to use whatever skills and talents I have to make a difference somewhere.

In case you just landed on Earth from another planet and have never heard of Idaho, let me share a few facts about the state with you.

Idaho is in the Rocky Mountain area of the United States and is the 39th most populous in the country.  The largest city – and state capital – is Boise* and the state was admitted to the Union on July 3, 1890 which makes it the 43rd state.

This trip to Idaho came about serendipitously.  Back in Washington DC in December, I met 8 folks who had come to D.C. to Occupy Congress – or was it Take Back Capital Hill.  I don’t recall.  I do recall though meeting them and being impressed with her dedication to “the cause”.

If I recall correctly, each person is a member of United Vision for Idaho.  UVI is a non-profit group which, according to their website, “…works with diverse organizations to strengthen equality, justice and democracy in Idaho. One striking aspect of the 24 groups that comprise United Vision for Idaho is their diversity. Member organizations range from Church Women United to the Idaho State AFL-CIO, to the Idaho Conservation League, to the Idaho Hispanic Caucus.”

Yep.  Sounds like a pretty special group of people.  So keep an eye out here (and the other places that run my rants and ramblings) about news about Adrienne, Carolyn and Brian and the rest of the great folks in Idaho!

From May 21 through July 31, I will be sharing the profits of all posters sold through my website with UVI. Click here to see a brief slide show of some of the more popular posters.

*Boise.  It’s easy to tell if you’re from Idaho or not by the way you pronounce the city.  Natives pronounce it Boy-see.  Everyone else calls it Boy-zee.

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