Boise to Idaho Falls

Came to Idaho Falls yesterday to spend a few days with the Idaho AFL-CIO.  It’s a bunch of good folks just trying to feed their families.  In the political environment that is in Idaho these days, feeding your family is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge.

Chuck Vogle, board member for United Vision for Idaho was kind enough to give me a lift to Idaho Falls and I’m staying a few days with him and his wife at their condo.  The two of them have a neat story.  They’ve been married 51 years and he “fell in love” with her when they were neighbors at 4 years old and she let him borrow her favorite milking stool.  Ahhh…true love.

Chuck and I did the touristy thing on the way over and here’s a couple photos I grabbed on the way.

This is the world’s first — and only — nuclear powered jet engine.  Yah, the folks at Idaho Nuclear Laboratory actually thought it would be a good idea to strap a nuclear reactor to a jet and send it flying for six months straight.

This is the first nuclear reactor in the country to fully light up a town using just nuclear power.  It’s located on the high desert in Arco, Idaho.

Another shot of the building that houses the original nuclear reactor.

Craters of the Moon National Park, just outside of Idaho Falls.  When the astronauts were getting geological training in preparation for their moon flights, this is where NASA sent them.

So — as I said — I’m in Idaho Falls and will bring you up to date later.

A final note.  I appreciate everyone who has been helping to get the story out.  To take your turn, click here.

2 thoughts on “Boise to Idaho Falls

  1. Paul thanks for being a reader as well as for everything else you do. This journey telling stories about people trying to make a difference in this country wouldn’t be possible without people like you!

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