A long boring answer to a short and simple question

Got some feed back this morning from a friend that posted the link to one of my articles on her Facebook Wall.  Here’s what someone posted as a comment in response to the article in which I mentioned that the national parks and monuments wouldn’t be safe from drilling with Romney in The White House.

“With all the protection laws in place, it obviously would not happen, no matter who’s in charge or how much money they have. But if the author is basing his application on that one statement, I don’t get it — but that’s just me (and I am not a Romney fan). I’d like to read the WP article and see the whole context; but the link in this article unfortunately took me somewhere else  … and I can’t find the article on the WP website.”

You can read the original article by clicking here.  The WP (Washington Post) article that the quote is lifted from can be read by clicking here.

About a gazillion articles about Romney’s potential desire to drill in the national monuments can be found by clicking here.

OK, I guess that’s enough references to support the original story; why all this focus though on one person’s comment however legitimate?

I think it points out how most Americans don’t understand how government really works.  I’ve been fortunate by getting an insiders view and can tell you that it’s alot different than what people see on TV.

The laws that govern America are traded, tossed around and bartered like so many baseball cards by a little boy in the backyard.  What you and I think are in place to protect us today can be gone tomorrow with just a passing mention by the talking heads.

Even the rights promised in our Constitution have been tossed out the window by the Patriot Act.  If our government is willing to show such callous disregard for the document that delineates our rights and responsibilities, what do you think it will do when it comes to finding money for the 1% in our national parks.

So again, to the reader who sent the note that started all this — thank you!  Thanks for being a reader and thanks for being a critical thinker.  Now, just take the next step and continue to educate yourself and your friends about the REAL workings of the government.

And if you have any questions about this…or any of my other ramblings and musings, feel free to give me a shout!


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