I’ll be you $5 that you don’t know where television was invented (and no fair looking it up)

Well, it’s been a busy few days here in Idaho Falls.  Finished collecting some photos and some shots at the statewide AFL-CIO convention down at the “Falls Hotel” and then got ready to head out.  After telling my buddy Rian VanLeuven (that’s him below on the right.  With him is Betty Richardson candidate for Idato State Senate), I picked up the gear bag and got in the car with Chuck Vogel, my host while I’m here in town.

Betty Richardson (L) and Rian VanLeuven (R)

First stop was Lower Mesa Falls on the Henry River.  The Henry was named after an early fur trader whose last name was Henry and he was the first white man to see the falls.  That was back in 1810, before my time.  After getting some shots and admiring nature, Chuck and I headed about a mile upstream to see the Upper Mesa Falls

Lower Mesa Falla

If I told you that television was invented in Rigby, Idaho you’d think I was nuts.  But it was.  A fellow named Farnsworth invented it in town and there’s a neat little museum set up to commemorate this event that ended up changing the world.

Television Museum in Rigby, Idaho

Here’s Chuck, my host while I’m in Idaho Falls.  Chuck is President of UVI (United Vision for Idaho) the group that brought me here to collect photos and stories.  Chuck is a great story in himself.  Found out that he and his wife met when their mothers used to get together on the ranch and do the laundry and can vegetables together.  The first time Chuck got  sweet on his wife-to-be?  When they were four years old and she let him borrow her favorite milking stool.  Must’ve been love at first sight, the just celebrated 51 years together.

Chuck Vogel, my host in Idaho Falls

Frank Vandersloot, a billionaire who made his money from Melaleuca, owns a ranch, Riverbend Ranch a few miles outside of Idaho Falls.  My impression when I saw his home and property?  Remember the stories about the plantation owner in the deep south who had a mansion on the hilltop overlooking “his” town?  Well, there isn’t a hilltop here, but you get the idea.

Frank Vandersloot home

Idaho Falls has been a good trip.  Lots of new friends and faces, stories and photos.  But I’m looking forward to getting back to Boise, Auggie and lunch with Jerry Kramer.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be you $5 that you don’t know where television was invented (and no fair looking it up)

  1. If I recall, correctly, Johnny Carson would occasionally mention Farlow (SP?) T. Farnsworth.
    Mr. Carson would also invite The Amazing Criswell to be on his show. Criswell had his own show, too.

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