I dare you to read this and share it with your Facebook friends; I double-dog-dare you

Someone posted this on their Facebook wall tonight.  I hit the “like” button and then left a comment that said, “I better keep my mouth shut before I get into trouble”.  Well, I’m fixin’ to get into trouble; first though, here’s the item that was posted.

Does the caption ring a bell for you?  Maybe a friend or neighbor of yours has said this.  Maybe YOU’VE said it; maybe YOU’VE thought it.

I haven’t done any surveys, but I think the majority of Americans have either said this or thought it.  Face it, most American’s are too wrapped up in the tiny little bubbles of their own life to take action.  Too many overweight citizens are more comfortable setting on the sofa at night watching talking heads on TV than getting involved with something that will really change America.

We’ve lost the sense of community in this country.  At one time — and it wasn’t so long ago — people knew who their neighbors were.  Today because of “social media” we know more about someone that lives in Japan than we do about the person that lives across the street.

We sit on our fat asses shoving snacks into our mouth as we shake our heads at the evening news saying, “It’s a shame what’s happening to this country.”  Is it just me?  Or do you see the lunacy of that.

While people march in the streets in places with names like Libya and Tahira Square, American’s reach for another beer and wonder why don’t those ‘dirty hippie occupiers’ just get a job.

While people in the Congo, Kenya and elsewhere are willing to lay their very lives on the line for things they believe in, the typical American won’t lift a protest sign even if the sun is shining — heaven forbid if it’s raining.

In the 60s and 70s people were getting arrested by the hundreds if not thousands to protest the Vietnam War.  Now, we shake our heads over Iraq and say, “Can’t somebody do something?”

We blame our senators and congressmen for the shape our country is in, but we won’t participate in an effort to fire them and put in someone that will do the job.  We had behind the chickenshit statement of “What will my one vote matter”.

Why do we drive gas guzzling SUVs to a protest that is meant to protect the environment?  Are we becoming that lazy and apathetic?

Why do we waste gas, money and time driving past locally owned businesses just to get to a “big box” store to save a few pennies.  Ever stood in a line at a Wal-Mart and listened to people complain about how American jobs are going overseas?  Get my point?

Instead of getting involved, we point to a candidate and say we support him (or her) because they are the “lessor of two evils”.  Don’t you realize that the lessor of two evils is still evil?

When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, then people will do something.

Many people in Idaho are standing up.  United Vision for Idaho had just a couple thousand members a few years ago; today they have over 13,000.  There’s a ground swell of unrest and frustration that’s building across the Gem state.  People are fed up with their elected officials in Boise and are almost at the point of pullin the plug on the legislators.  Critical mass is being reached from the mountains, to the desert and even into tiny Parma.

This is YOUR state.  This is YOUR future and the future of YOUR children.  If you don’t start turning off the television and getting involved, how will you answer your children when they get old enough to understand what’s going on and ask, “What did YOU do when social justice was taking a beating?”

5 thoughts on “I dare you to read this and share it with your Facebook friends; I double-dog-dare you

  1. Speak for yourself. I was being an activist against the eerie changes in government during the last presidency, before it was popular to moan and complain. Back when “we have to stand by our President” was the popular thought. It seems to be easy to support war but hard as hell to support peace. But I’ve had cancer now and I’m tired so you take over now. I did all the posting, writing, signing petitions and yes some marching and phoning. So now I hope to see someone younger get involved. In my own family the twenty-somethings have been listening and they are all up in arms. But here’s the thing… it takes more than posting on Facebook to make a real change in what’s going one. It takes money, and lots of it since corporations are richer than god. It takes reading/hearing/watching the news, and I don’t mean Fox News only. It takes talking to your neighbors and writing your congressman or woman. And it takes voting and encouraging others to vote. Facebook is often just a distraction to the real work.

  2. Sorry about the cancer. I won’t try to give you any comforting words, but I will send positive energy your way.

    I agree with just about everything you said. It takes ALL of those tools and techniques to win. But first, Americans have to get uncomfortable.

  3. This sounds like a “Wizards War.” I”d just like to agree that too much internet can get in the way of real work. I helped rescue a pit-bull that had got struck by a bus the other day. That small effort made me feel better than “trying to change the world.” on my computer!

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