Happy Father’s Day John McGee, have another drink.

John McGee, former Idaho State Republican Legislator of the Year

NOTE:  The office of Governor “Butch” Otter, who has his own history of drinking and driving, nor Frank VanderSloot, a major supporter of Idaho Republicans would return phone calls seeking their comment about this entry.  And by the way, neither would any of the other Mormon legislators who consider themselves upright citizens.

John McGee, former Republican state Senator from the 10th District in Idaho was arrested on Father’s Day 2011.

On June 15, 2012, West Valley Medical Center gladly accepted his resignation as Marketing Director, a position he had held since February 2012 when he quit the Idaho Senate.

McGee, 39 and former Idaho State Republican Legislator of the Year for 2006 got into some trouble in 2011 and has become the personification of how the “good-old boy network” (GOBN) in the Boise statehouse works to protect it’s own.

Let me explain.

On June 19, 2011 McGee, former Majority Caucus Chairman – the number four leadership position in the Idaho Senate – was arrested by Ada County law enforcement officers for grand theft auto and driving while intoxicated.  In other words, Johnny got drunk and stole some guy’s car.

After playing golf at the Hillcrest Invitational and drinking at the golf course, Johnny wandered over to a girlfriend’s house for a little “post golf entertainment”.

OK, no big deal so far, right?

Well, it appears that Johnny and the girlfriend are married, but not to each other.  So while Johnny and his flavor-of-the-month are busy discussing that week’s Bible study under the sheets, Ms-hot-to-trot’s husband comes home and catches them doing a show and tell about the first time that Adam met Eve.

The husband, apparently not having any real interest in people “knowing” each other in the Biblical sense grabs Johnny and tosses him out of the window.  Johnny lost his shoes somewhere between take off and landing and he must’ve lost what was left of his senses too.

Let me pause for a second and ask you a question.

If you get drunk, get caught in bed with your married girlfriend, thrown out of the window and lose your shoes, what do YOU do?  You’d go home, right?

Most people would figure that enough’s enough.  But if you’re an Idaho State Legislator without enough brains to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel AND you know you’re part of the “good-old-boy” network,  then the night is just starting to get fun.

So Johnny, wandering down the street – barefoot – spots a pickup truck.  Looking through the window he sees the keys are still inside.  Not being the sharpest tool in the woodshed, Johnny figures why walk when you can ride.  So he jumps into the cab of the pickup, turns the key and starts to head out.  One problem.  Johnny didn’t notice the horse trailer that was still hitched to the back of the vehicle.

Panicking he drove it through the neighborhood bouncing off curbs and bushes before jack-knifing the truck and trailer in someone’s yard.  The homeowner, who apparently was NOT part of the GOBN figured he’d better call the cops.

Hours AFTER his last drink at the country club, Johnny blew a .15 on the breath analyzer.  The legal limit was .08 – so Johnny must’ve been higher than the proverbial kite before the cops arrived.

The cops weren’t part of the GOBN ‘cause they arrested Johnny and he was charged with DUI and felony (vehicle) theft.

Now this is where pays to be an Idaho state legislator with friends.

[Cue Garth Brooks singing “I’ve got friends in low places”]

Johnny’s charges on the DUI were lowered to a misdemeanor DUI and the felony theft charge was dropped.  Yes, you read that right.  Johnny got off scott free on the felony, auto-theft charges.  Seems like Governor Otter and his buddies have some sympathy – for anyone that looks like them, talks like them and smells like them.

[OK, stop the music]

But Johnny’s troubles weren’t over.  Seems like one of his aides didn’t appreciate the 2006 Idaho State Republican Legislator of the Year grabbing her and making some comments about her looks and body.  So she filed a sexual harassment suit…and won.

On July 11, 2011, McGee, chairing a meeting of the Canyon County Republican Central Committee, created controversy when he cut off debate on a resolution calling for the investigation of the medical claims McGee raised as a defense to his criminal charges. McGee sent the resolution to an internal committee, which he also chairs, for review.  Several days later, on July 16, 2011, the Republican Central Committee for the State of Idaho approved a no-confidence motion on McGee.

Guess the Repugnant party in the Idaho statehouse couldn’t stand the pressure anymore from a disgruntled public.

On February 22, 2012, McGee, submitted his letter of resignation to the Idaho State Senate in the middle of the sexual harassment charges.

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