Idaho passes mandatory proctology exams for men

BOISE IDAHO – In a swift and unexpected move, the Idaho State Legislature in Boise passed HB666 unanimously. 

The bill, which mandates annual proctology exams for every male over 16, was pushed through during a last minute midnight session.

Citing rising health costs, Governor “Hatch” Otter said, “It’s a pleasure to sign this bill.  A person does not have the right to their own body when their neglect can force others to carry the financial burden.”

The bill, sponsored by Crapo, was supported by hundreds of Mormon led activists who attended a statehouse rally carrying signs and wearing buttons which said, “We Support Assholes in Government”.

This story is obviously made up; I hope you realize that.  But can you imagine the stink that would be raised if every male was required to “bend over and spread ‘em”?

The Idaho legislature has demonstrated it’s disregard for individual rights this past session when the Senate passed a bill which would require ultra-sound screening for women seeking an abortion.

The House, frightened by the backlash of activists tabled the legislation, effectively letting it die.

The Mormon led statehouse frequently tosses aside individual rights when individual rights gets in the way of their religion – or their pocketbook.  A person’s right to choose what to do with their own bodies – not to mention their land – is a disposable item that is tossed aside as so much scrap.

The group that Brigham Young led to Salt Lake City seeking a place to practice individual freedoms have now grown to the point that they feel safe in denying others the very same freedoms which they were denied back east.

The people I’ve spoken to while in Idaho are getting fed up with the situation in the statehouse.  There’s a groundswell of support for the challengers which are stepping up and speaking out.

My prediction?  There will be a changing of the guard come November and people that have respect for the rights of others will be seated at the end of Capitol Avenue.

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