Nominate your favorite legislator as an “Ida Ho”

Nominate an Idaho State Legislator for the “Ida Ho” Hall of Fame.

Let me explain.

In the deep south a woman who stands on the street corner looking for guys that would like an hour or so of “entertainment” is called a “ho”.  It rhymes with “hoe”, like in “garden hoe”.

I’ve come up with an idea; well, maybe someone else has already thought of it and I’m just reinventing the wheel here, but I want to start an “Ida Ho” Hall of Fame.

State Legislators who sell out the state and it’s citizens will be inducted into the Ida Ho Hall of Fame.

So I’m collecting names today.  Email me (or post on my Facebook Wall) the name of a legislator that you feel has sold out:

Women’s Rights
The environment

Or any other issue you can think of where someone in the Idaho State Legislator has become an Ida Ho.

We could have fun with this and it would get a message across.

We could start calling the capitol building “The Ho House”
We could start giving out  Monopoly-like money that would entitle the bearer to a free screwing by the legislator of his choice.
We could find a giant pair of fuzzy dice and hang them from the dome of the capitol building

And since every “ho” has to have a pimp, I nominate Frank VanderSloot for that role.

What do you think?  Am I onto something here?

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