Photo contest to benefit United Vision of Idaho

Changing lives is all about telling stories.  Good stories are short and succinct.  Someone once said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

This could be your chance to change lives in Idaho through stories told through photographs.

In conjunction with United Vision for Idaho (UVI), I’m considering co-sponsoring a photo contest before I leave Idaho at the middle of July.  While there’s a lot of details to be ironed out, I thought I’d post this today to get a gauge of the level of interest.

There will be a small entry fee – after all, this is partly to raise funds for UVI – and upon acceptance of your photo, you will be asked to provide a print version (no larger than 11×14).

Some of the suggested guidelines for entry.

  1.  Must be in a digital file (jpeg only)
  2. Must show a social justice (or injustice) happening
  3. Photo doesn’t have to be shot just for this event; it can be one you’ve taken months or years ago as long as it shows a social justice issue.
  4. We’ll be looking around Boise for a space to do a gallery show of all the accepted entries.
  5. I anticipate the possibility of this becoming a “traveling exhibit” to other places within the state.
  6. Other guidelines as they come up

Well, that’s about it.  If this is something you’d be interested in participating in, please let me know as soon as you can.  You can email me at or call me, 704-914-5424 in case you have any further questions.

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